1. All students applying for admission are asked to sit for admission test which comprises a written examination followed by an interview of the candi date
satisfaction in both are required before the applicant’s case for admission is finalized. The question will be set according to CBSE syllabus of the preceding standard for which admission is sought, covering the following.
subjects- <a> English
<b> maths
<c> hindi
<d> general knowledge
<e> science
2. Admission is taken strictly on the performance of the candidate in the admission test and not on the basis of marks obtained elsewhere in the previous school.
3. Admission is granted on the approval of the principal or on his authorization only. admission can be finalized only after the submission of a transfer certificate.
5. All students must be registered for appearing in the admission test for which they can get the prospectus along with registration form from the school office by submitting rs 250/- in cash on any working day during the school hour from the month of January to march every last year.