Martial Arts

Wushu is a traditional Chinese Martial art that pays attention to both internal and external exercise with fighting movements as its main contents and with routine exercise and free combats its forms. Wushu is a Martial art which is some countries in known as Kung- Fu. It is an ancient Chinese game (over 5000 years) which is being played all over the world with different manes specially.

Wushu term derive from Chinese vocabulary means wu – war, fight, Dance etc & shu- Art, Thus Wushu means war art or dancing art altogether. Wushu is a collective name of all Chinese martial art. It includes all most all the fighting skill around the world i.e. kicking. Punching, throwing,; use of weapon (sword, spare etc.) Traditionally Wushu is also known as Kung-fu all over the world, compare to other martial art Wushu gives wide scope to utilise maximum potential of a martial artist. Where as other martial arts i.e. Taekwando based on kicking. Judo throwing specific boxing limited to Punch only but in Wushu all the three arts are using as per the demand of the situation and time during the play, where the purpose in not to harm but get the maximum score as much as possible to win the game that is Wushu is consider as the” Mother of all Martial art”.

Wushu in India it is being Promoted by Wushu Association of India which is registered and recognized body by govt, of India and Indian Olympic Association. Wushu is a discipline in the Asian Games Olympic games and there are many madels. at stake India has been sending teams for the Asian and world championship and has been constantly winning medals. It is popular all over the country Bihar and regular championship for sub-junior, junior and seniors are being conducted regularly. Being the martial Art the game is aggressive, innovative, quick and very interesting and delightful to watch to popularize this game at school, colleges and universities level the association and govt, of Indians fully involved promoting and popularizing amongst masses.

Wushu association of India formed in 1989. Since than regular championship for sub junior, junior and seniors are being held. It is recognized by the Indian Olympic association as well as by-the Govt, of India. It is popular in all the states. During the championship more than 30 state/units have been taking part regularly. It has been included in the Army, Assam rifales, J & K Police and C.R.P.F. and SAI STC Schemes as a discipline.

  1. Wushu association of india formed in 1989.
  2. Recognized by Ministry of sports Govt, of Indian in 1993.
  3. Recognized by Indian Railway in 1994.’
  4. Recognized by Indian Olympic comity in 1999.
  5. Start in one year diploma coaching in sports authority of India (S.A.I.) in 2000.
  6. Bihar Wushu association formed in 1993.

This game is affilated to Indian Olympic association on 20th Dec. 2006. & Bihar Olympic Asso. in 2006. in school-games also indued 2009. According to international Wushu rederation (IWUF) Bejing china. Wushu is broadly divided in to two category give below.

  1. Taolu-The word taolu means shadow’exercise like eagle shadow, Monkey shadow, they are the imaginary fighting skills perform by the competitor on a given area (14mx8m) It includes 11 eavents exercise appeared by IWUF.
    Taolu (Floor Exercise)
    BARE HAND- Nanquan, Changquan, Taijiquan
    SHORT WEAPON- Daoshu, Jianshu, Nandao, Taijijian
    LONG WEAPON- Qiangshu, Nangun, Gunshu, Duel
  2. SANSHOU:-The word san means” Three” shou means Art. Sahshou is a combination of three art kick, punch, & throw. It is complete between & contestant i.e. Red corner & Black corner in a given area.