A Message from Desk

A message from Principal’s Desk

To parents,

Education devoid of human values is worthless and it is. Therefore, our sincere effort to inculcate in students the treats of good human beings and turn out true gentlemen or ladies of high caliber and character imbibed with all the virtues of head and heart. We are of the view “ A good institution gains recognition through the qualities imbibed by its students and not from its infrastructure.”
A very tough time awaits our youth when they move out to enter upon a public life. Only those who have iron determination can achieve success and face the challenges of future boldly. In this age of cut-throat completion, there is no room for shirkers. Opportunities keep knocking at the doors of everyone.
Only the bold with positive attitude and sustained effort are able to grab them. So to be ahead of the lakhs appearing in a competition, they have to be mentally and physically tough and need to have dagged determination with capacity for hard work. Let us remember “god helps those who help themselves.”


R.K pandey
Rashtriya Shiksha Ratana awarded
( Gold medalist )

A message from secretary’s desk

Honorable parents,
our school has been established with an aim to generate mental, spiritual, esthetic and  moral power interwined with latest knowledge of 21st century in a balanced tuning with the changing world of knowledge.
we are committed towards grooming and fortifying our students with latest knowledge, creativity, leadership and morality along with almost care to our cultural heritage to protect and strengthen family and social instinct in them to make our child a successful human being.

– Mrs. Renu Pandey